RPG Encounter Attendant v1.2

RPG Encounter Attendant is designed to be used with games requiring someone to keep up with initiative.


  1. Add Players and Enemies (right on desktop, below on mobile) in their respective boxes. Simply enter a name in the textbox (limit of 20 characters) and click on . Use to remove a Player/Enemy from their list. Use to add the player to the Initiative box (left on desktop, top on mobile). You can add only one Player of each name, but as many Enemies of the same name as you want. An incrementing number will be added to the end of the Enemy's name.
  2. The Initiative (left on desktop, top on mobile) is where the order of players and enemies initiative is kept. Use to remove Players/Enemies from the initiative box. Type the initiative of each Player/Enemy in the textbox and press enter (or Done/Go on mobile) to update. The checkbox beside Enemy initiative boxes will save the initiative entered for ALL enemies of the same name. Use to add status effects to players.
  3. Status Effects Box
    • You can have as many Status Effects on a Player/Enemy as you want.
    • Simply use the checkbox next to a Status Effect you wish to add to a player. Once all have been checked (or unchecked) that you want, use to save and exit.
  4. Start/End Encounter and Next Turn are used to initiate and stop the encounter, as well as move the initiative.
  5. Saving / Loading happens automatically. Saving occurs every 10 seconds and creates a Cookie that lasts for thirty days. Loading happens when the web page is loaded.