Progress: 70% ( This is a guess, could be 20% for all I know... )

So you wanna know what MowerBot is, do you? That is a very good question. MowerBot is a project of mine that I started in the summer of 2013.

MowerBot was conceived because I was tired of push-mowing my yard. I had an extra mower, a Raspberry Pi, the willpower, time, and the stupidest of plans already laid out. So what reason was there for me to NOT build a robot that could mow my yard? Shh! Don't tell me the reasons, I have already wasted lots of time working on this project.


I wanted MowerBot to be able to mow my yard with little set up. I planned to use GPS tracking, Python programming, and a battery. The mower I am using is a GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower. It is a good mower, that is ready to become even better. I have a Raspberry Pi R2 for control of the machine, which is connected to two 24 VoltT 280 Watt Electric Scooter Razorr E300 Motors. The Raspberry Pi can control these motors individually, allowing me to achieve zero turn with two caster wheels on the front.

I plan to update this page more as I get closer to finishing the project. I don't intend to make it an instruction page, showing you people how to build MowerBot, but rather documentation of the project and hopefully inspiration to other people out there.

Progress Pictures